Monday, October 12, 2009

I don't review books...I gossip about them

I'm one of those people who mentally shut down when I'm asked to summarize, synopsize (that's a word right?), review, or write essays. BUT I do like talking about books. Talking is a bit of an understatement. I GOSSIP about what I read.

Most of my friends at the ice skating rink enjoy reading or are of the type that enjoy the flamboyant, spectacular, and dramatic (I guess that is the essence of our sport). So we gossip about books amongst other important things (each other, celebrities, you tube videos, etc...). I can singlehandedly say that I spread the Twilight Fever at the Pelham Skating School and the Wings Plague and the Great and Terrible Virus...I mean Beauty.

So...I'd like to gossip a bit about books that I just read (City of Bones) and listened to (Lost Symbol).


Valentine being Clary's Dad really wasn't much of a surpise. I mean come on. Jocelyn Fray didn't seem like the type that got around that much. As soon as we find out that she was married to Valentine, which was somewhere in the middle of the book, I already knew then that Valentine was Clary's dad.

Hodge and his avian partner always seemed a bit dodgy to me, so when he betrayed everyone- it was quite fitting.

Jace is HOT. I like the fact that Alec is homosexual and is in love Jace. I like that fact that Simon has been in love with Clary his whole life. My heart goes out to him, because I soooo know what that feels like.

It took me awhile to understand what a Stele really was and the fact that the Shadowhunters actually tatoo runes on themselves with the stele. Perhaps, I'm just a bit slow.

I think Clare built up the brother/sister thing pretty well. That's a difficult thing to do.

Overall, the writing is great. And I really like the way that Cassandra Clare describes things. Awesome metaphors and similes.

This was good. Dan Brown you are the man. After reading one of his books I feel so intellectual and educated. I learned about the circumpunct, Noetic science, and sensory deprivation chambers. I probably would have never heard of these things if it weren't for Mr. Brown.

My heart goes out to Peter Solomon. Lost his son. Lost his wife through divorce. Lost his mom via murder. Almost loses his sister. Thinks he loses a good friend. Think his brotherhood will be destroyed. Then loses his son AGAIN. WOW. Amazing man, that Peter Solomon to pull through like he did.

OMG. The part where Robert Langdon died. I was like in mega denial. No. It can't be! Does this mean Dan Brown won't write another intellectual adventure with the world's favorite Symbologist ever again!!! Seriously these are the things I worry about.

Great listen (I can't say read, cause well I didn't). Highly recommend.

Anyone else want to gossip about City of Bones or Lost Symbol?


  1. Do you plan on finishing the Shadowhunter series?

  2. I think I'm going to listen to the second one on audio book. They have it at the library and I need something to listen to. I'm curious about what's going to happen next.

  3. The Lost Symbol sounds great! Good review.

    Off the subject, it's nice to meet an ice skater. One of characters is a skater, I would love ask you some questions.

    Blessings to you...

  4. I listened to COB on a BOT awhile ago... not too much surprising going on. The story was quick paced, but I had a hard time stomaching some of the writing.

  5. I read the entire series. The overall story idea, I kinda like, with exception of one plot thread, that was really, really difficult for me to buy. I'd encourage seeing it through to the end, though.

  6. Tamika- I would love to talk to you about ice skating. It's like MY LIFE. Feel free to email me at
    saxenavideo at gmail dot com

    Renee- just picked up City of Ashes Audio Book at the library.

    Bane- I agree about the pacing. I can see how parts of the writing may of have been difficult to digest for the non-teenage stomach.

  7. I didn't read through all of your "gossip" because I have not read these books, and I'd like to. But I wanted to stop by and say thanks for joining my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better. I love the way you refer to it as "gossiping" by the way. We all love to do that, don't we?