Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding, Matrimony, Wedlock, Espousal, Marriage....

Weddings are like mutant worms. First you have three worms. Pick the date. Pick the venue. Pick the caterer. Then you learn these three worms are actually alien mutants and when they hit their season (three to six months before your wedding) they start multiplying at exponential rates. They wriggle themselves into every facet of your life. And every worm has a specific need. Time lines. Programs. Shopping. Correspondence. Freak outs when you learn your reception venue is double booked.

And then these worms congeal together in your brain, ultimately resulting in nocturnal hysteria. Symptoms usually appear about two weeks away from the wedding and manifest as insomnia  restless sleep patterns, and a variety of daily wedding nightmares.

Seriously. These worms are heinous.

Despite the worms though, I'm so happy I'm marrying Sarcastically Delicious (aka fiance) on April 27th.

So because of pre-wedding crap, pre-wedding festivities, wedding festivities, post-wedding festivities, and honeymoon I will return to this blog in the middle of May. I can't wait to start writing again and rejoin my usual haunts in the writing community. So keep writing and inspiring and I'll see you next month!