Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Can Be So ADD

I'm finally semi-caught up on my work so I decided to reward myself this morning with three hours of uninterrupted writing time. I managed to finish a pretty difficult chapter but I also did the following:
  • Swiffered the house. I LOVE my Swiffer Vac. I think it's revolutionary for cleaning hardwood floors. I'm such a huge fan of this product don't be surprised if in the future I decide to dedicate a whole blog post to the awesomeness that is the Swiffer Vac.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Put up my laundry.
  • Brushed the cats only after I mused for several minutes about how happy they get after they poo in the litter box and wonder what the world would be like if humans bolted from their bathrooms in a fury of glee every time they made a number two.
I'm at the end of my story and it's so complicated and I'm always worried about the execution that I'd like to think these ADD moments are more times of reflection rather than avoidance or procrastination for the creative task at hand.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Many Good Books to Read!! EEEP!

There are too many new books out there that I am dying to read. I'm bombarded by all these tantalizing books and I don't know what to do! A lot of the books I'm gushing over are parts of series so I promise not to give away any spoilers.

Do Ever and Damen get to be together forever (the way they want to be)? OMG. I can't wait to read this last installment of the Immortal series.

I LOVED the first book in this series, The Heist Society. I can't wait to see what Katarina Bishop steals next and am eager to see if her relationship with W.W. Hale turns into something more. And I wonder if Kat will ever figure out what the W.W. stands for.

The Warlock, the fifth book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series came out in January and I've been dying to read it. Problem is, I feel like I should re-read at least the last two books in the series just so I can get back in the thick of things. I remember at the end of book four that the big thing happened with you know, and then I feared that they may never see each other ever again, or that the other character was on the brink of death, and that other one was possessed. Don't you love my spoiler-free-code-talk?

Supernaturally, the sequel to Paranormalcy, comes out July 26. I love Kiersten White's voice. I also love Evies' innocence, spunk, and love of all things pink. I can't wait to see where the second book takes Evie and Lend.

Maggie Stiefvater will tell you that her books are about wolves and kissing. I highly recommend the first two books in the series, Shiver and Linger. Forever, the conclusion to this best selling trilogy, comes out on July 12 and I'm counting the days!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gossip Time...City of Fallen Angels

When I finished reading the third book, City of Glass, in the Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare I thought that was it. All the characters were happy, all the conflicts were resolved, but boy was I wrong.

First, if you haven't read this series and you like fantasy, paranormal romances, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, fairies, angels, and demons...well, you get the picture--start reading now. Obviously, start with book one, City of Bones.

Back in 2009 I did a gossip time post about City of Glass in which I said Clare was the master of cliffhangers, well, she's got even better at leaving us hanging and I absolutely can not wait for the fifth book to come out in May 2012. *groans in impatient agony*

But, knowing her, she'll just leave me at another cliffhanger in book five and the sixth book doesn't come out until September 2013! Ugh. So, I guess if you're impatient like me just wait until 2013 so you can read through the whole series without the all the waiting in between.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dilemma

Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend) and I have been watching a lot of movies this month because all of our favorite television shows are vacationing (and also because I tend to fall asleep when he makes me watch the news all the time).

We watched True Grit (which I highly recommend), The Mechanic (anything with Jason Statham is always cool because that guy is BAD-ASS), The Switch (S.D. can't stand romantic comedies, but he liked this one because the kid in it is so cool), and Just Go With It (we both like Adam Sandler). But, the movie that I thought about the most after I watched it was The Dilemma.

I'm not going to give away any spoilers, just present the situation, like a movie trailer.

You discover that your best friend's wife is cheating on him. Your instinct is to tell him the truth ASAP. But, you hesitate because your best friend is also your business partner, he has a high anxiety and stress level, suffers from ulcers, and is trying to meet a crucial deadline that will either make or break both of your careers. Do you tell him now? Wait until after the important deadline? Pretend you didn't see anything and don't tell him at all because you don't want to meddle in his marriage? What do you do? WHAT do you do?

Obviously, you can watch the movie and see how Vince Vaughn's character handles the situation. It gets pretty funny and sad at times.

How would you handle the dilemma?

Friday, June 10, 2011

How do you ask the Librarian out?

No, I'm not looking to ask out the librarian. I've thankfully got Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend). But, today I was chatting on the phone with Friend, and he is smitten with his local librarian. He's pretty sure that she's solo because she doesn't leave at three o'clock to pick up her (existent/non-existent) kids from school, she doesn't wear a ring, she works long hours, and Friend hasn't seen any boy toys lingering at the check out counter.

We brainstormed a couple game plans:

Closing Time Blitz
Friend surmises the best time to ask librarian out is to make a move at closing time. Linger at the library until the last minute, and then when the last patron is gone, saunter over to the counter to make a move. Progress conversation to maybe a coffee date. The problem with this play however is that it is a blitz. At my local library things get pretty chaotic in the end zone before the game clock is about to expire, with patrons rushing to check out and return items. So I guess it just depends on how crowded the end zone is on this game plan.

Quarterback Comedy Sneak
Friend likes to hit the gym and often checks out books about working out. If Friend gets the snap count just right, he can sneak a moment in with librarian, return the books, and make a joke about how the work out books are great even though his figure may not be showing it. After the laughter (aka touchdown), Friend can go in for the two point conversion (asking her out on a date).

Off Tackle (Off Peak) Rush
Friend can time this play during slow times at the library. Times when librarian is done doing what she needs to do and she's twiddling her thumbs at the counter. Friend visits library frequently, and he can try to develop a friendship with librarian, he just has to work on the timing of the visits. The problem with the off tackle rush, however, is that since it is summer, the library tends to stay pretty busy, so getting one on one flirt time with the librarian maybe sparse. This play, I think, is better suited for fall through spring, when the kids are in school during the day, and the library isn't as busy.

We're looking for suggestions. Any game plans you guys would like to add to the playbook?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gossip Time...Possession

If you haven't heard, Possession written by Elana Johnson debuts TODAY!! This was a page turner for me. I devoured the book in one bite, well maybe it was two or three. The point is, is that it was just that GOOD.
  • It's a big chase. Any movie or book where characters I care about are being chased, is a book or movie that I have difficulty walking away from.
  • Oppression. This book has tons of it. In the dystopian society that Elana Johnson has so craftily built, people aren't allowed to touch, make decisions, heck live really. Most people are in this stupor from having to plug into the transmissions every night. But not Vi, she gave up on the tranmissions long ago.
  • There's a love triangle. Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend) has no clue why I like love triangles (Hunger Games, Twilight, Wings- they all have triangles in them). I think it makes him feel threatened some how, that maybe one day I might go looking for a hypotenuse or something. (I know. I know. Lame geometry joke). But, honestly, Vi has some decisions to make: childhood love or hot new guy. It's tough.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Learning a Lesson Through A Forgotten Video

I'm still not back on the ice even though it's been about fourteen months since I had ACL reconstruction in my knee, but it's ok, I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that. It's just what it is. It's like I'm climbing this very high mountain called Mt. Recovery, and I've only scaled about fifty percent.

Last Tuesday I had a hole in my tire. You're probably wondering why I'm telling you about a hole in my tire because this blog is about writing, skating, and laughter, not automotive repair. But, let me tell you, that hole was significant. Because when I called Sears Auto Center I found out I had purchased that tire April 23, 2010, almost exactly one month after ACL surgery. And do you know how many miles I had driven on that tire in thirteen months?

40,000 miles.
My poor knee never had a chance to recover properly. Driving, especially in the first 6-9 months was the most uncomfortable thing for me to do, it irritated my knee, and it always stayed swollen, but I did it for my job.

As of a few weeks ago I left said job and now have time to do all sorts of things, such as clean out the hard drive of my computer. As I was doing some digital cleaning this afternoon, I came across this video from 2007:

Watching this video of course brought tears to my eyes, but it also made me think about a couple of things:

Fighting Back
This video I've posted was from a performance on Saturday December 1, 2007. There is actually a second video from the first performance on Friday November 30, 2007 that I did not post. The Friday performance was horrible. I fell on two jumps, flipped my program around, and almost skated into the chair where the flag and uniform rested. And in general, the performance was lacking. I didn't finish off the choreography and the spins were lackluster at best. But, then I came back on Saturday and landed all the jumps (albeit shakily) and only fell once. I felt the spins were better and it's always good when one doesn't skate into a chair. But, rather that being defeated by Friday's performance, I came back stronger on Saturday's performance, and I'm proud of that.

To be honest, I was never really proud of either performance. I remember how back then, in 2008, I was so focused on all the negative aspects of it that if someone complimented me I was convinced it was only because they were trying to be polite. But, now as I watch it three and a half years later, I appreciate what I could do so much more. Sure, I fell down and and some jumps were shaky, but I was skating. You never realize how precious something is until it is taken away from you (aka your toe pick gets stuck in a hole and you tear your ACL). I just look at it now (and please don't think I'm being egotistical when I say this) and I think it's beautiful, not because I was some fabulous skater-- I wasn't. But, because I was skating and gliding and expressing myself through music.

Hands Circling Over the Head
So yeah, there are apparently some types of choreography that I just don't do well, and that would be the two instances where I circled my hands over my head. What was I doing? Spinning invisible pizza dough in the air? I remember feeling awkward when I did it and and watching it now makes me cringe. They always say if you're not comfortable with something you should let your choreographer know. But, silly ole' non-confrontational me didn't say anything. Note to self: In future, if you get to skate in a show again, ex-nay on the hands circling over the head and any other type of choreography that makes me look clumsy or uncomfortable.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Congratulations to Joshua McCune!!!

I'm making tacos but amidst all the beef browning I had to share the wonderful news that Bane of Anubis (aka Joshua McCune) just sold Kissing Dragons in a three book deal!!! He's only got two congratulatory comments right now and he should have like a hundred. So go on, get your bootie patooties over there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Within the time span of about a week I have received e-mails from two different critique partners with the subject: OMG!!!!
The quadruple exclamation point should already let you know that the information contained within the e-mail was some form of fantabulous news about CP's book. Getting these kind of e-mails makes me extremely happy. When you are someone's critique partner it's more than just catching comma splices and misspelled words it's about being a friend, a cheerleader, brainstorming partner, and weathering the ups and downs that come with writing together.
I am so proud of the opportunities both of my CPs have created for themselves through perseverance, writing, writing, and more writing. Let's cross our fingers and see what happens to them both.