Thursday, May 22, 2014

Never Under Estimate a Snail

I've always loved animated films, especially those by Disney and DreamWorks. I love the fantastical story lines and the cartoon characters and the songs. I don't think I've ever watched an animated movie that I didn't like.

But I tried watching TURBO a couple of months ago and I simply couldn't get into the movie. I've been going through what I'll call Anita's Jaded-Full-of-Adult-Stuff Phase of Life for most of 2014. And the reason I couldn't get into the movie wasn't because the snails weren't cute enough, or the animations didn't wow me enough, or the humor wasn't ha ha enough. It was nothing like that.

It was because the main character--a snail--wanted to become an Indy race car driver. My brain screamed: NOT POSSIBLE! NOT POSSIBLE! I mean, it's a snail. It's too small and too slow. It's just not plausible or possible. I couldn't even fathom how the writers were going to transform this run of the mill garden snail into a contender for the Indy 500. So, I remember I got up from the couch, turned my back on the movie, and proceeded to the dishes.

Seriously. The dishes.

In my mind there was no way the main character, a snail, could get what he wanted most, and I wasn't going to spend the next ninety minutes watching him flail about, only to accept in the end that he was never going to be fast, and he'd just have to accept his lot in life.

Fast forward a few months. Anita's still dealing with the Full-of-Adult-Stuff Phase of life, but I'm not as jaded. So I decided to give TURBO another chance. I was going to let DreamWorks prove to me that this snail would become the next Speedy Gonzalez. So still skeptical, I sat down to watch Turbo again with Sarcastically Delicious (aka huzband).

And I was blown away.

Literally, this snail raced past me and my narrow minded brain and left me choking on his exhaust fumes. I applaud DreamWorks for their ingenious creativity. And not only for that, but for teaching me a big lesson about keeping my mind open to possibilities.

Needless to say, if you're looking for a good movie to watch this Memorial weekend, I recommend TURBO.