About Me

As you can tell by the look on Sarcastically Delicious' (aka then boyfriend now husband's) face, spending too much time on the ice can have detrimental effects. I think inhaling twenty years worth of Zamboni fumes must have done something to addle my brain. Because I often prefer to spend time with the imaginary people in my head, feeling a compulsive need to tell their fantastical stories.

Being a person who is the product of moving eight times while growing up, I have a soft spot for middle grade and young adult literature, especially those stories that incorporate themes of self-esteem, finding yourself, fitting in, and love. Despite, relocating many times, I did manage to make some life long friends. And if they ever need a pick me up, I'm there for them.

When I'm not writing, I run my own video production company, teach figure skating, and partake in other super-secret endeavors.