Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Honor of National Cat Day

So apparently yesterday was National Cat Day. Didn't even know that was a thing. But now that I do--I'd like to honor my three crazy, but cute fur balls.

Meet my oldest and sweetest Sasha. She is my love muffin and if there is a box she can't help but jump inside. When she's not snoozing in my lap, she enjoys eating salmon.

This is Miss Jasmine. And oh is she special. There are actually very few pictures of her because she's shy of the camera. Actually, she's shy of everything. Sometimes even her own food bowl scares her. But she's pretty and prissy and loves her sister Sasha.
This is our unplanned kitty. Found her by the Tennessee River on July 4, 2012 so we named her Indie after the national holiday. She is a purr machine and it's taken almost a year for Sasha and Jasmine to semi-accept her. She's like that kid in class that tries too hard to be your friend. When she's not irritating Sasha, Indie likes to puke up hair balls and get in between me and my laptop.

Hope all the cats out there had a wonderful National Cat Day!