Friday, August 18, 2017

Solar Eclipse

In a few days the United States will experience a solar eclipse. An eclipse like this has not occurred since 1918. I've taken the day off, and my husband and I are traveling to Tennessee to observe the eclipse in totality.

And like so much in the current events these days, viewing the eclipse has also become a point of dissension.

Don't watch the eclipse. You'll ruin your eyes.

I've got ISO approved solar eclipse glasses.

No, really. You'll go blind.

I'm an optometrist. I promise there are ways to safely view the eclipse.

You must watch the eclipse. It's a once in a life time experience.

Actually solar eclipses happen more frequently than you think, they just don't always happen in the United States.

The traffic is going to be crazy. Stay home.

I'm not going to let a few extra cars on the road, keep me from seeing this rare occurrence.

In the end, it's your personal choice if you want to view the eclipse, how you want to experience it, and who you'd like to view the eclipse with. Stand firm in what you believe.

There's also a great TedX talk about viewing the solar eclipse.