Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High on cold meds...

When I take meds they have an odd effect on my body and mind. The drowsy ones make me alert. And the stimulant ones make my tired. Overall I react differently to common day situations and my thoughts become well you see....

I'm very upset because because my cat tried to touch my gluten fee chocolate chip cookie. She touched it with  the same paw that she used to kill a hornet with earlier today. Doesn't she know to use Purell?

Yesterday, I completed my third attempt at my second synopsis of WIP #1. Make sense? Natalie Whipple broke it down into Cinderella terms. She made it look doable.

I also am itching to go pick up my copy of Hush, Hush today. But, I don't really feel like leaving the house because of this nefarious cold.

I am also wondering what would have happened if Eragon ran into Frodo in the Hadarac Desert... Would Frodo be like: "Man, can I use Saphira to fly this ring to Mordor?"  OR would Eragon be like "Dude, what are you?"

You've probably heard, Nathan Bransford is hosting his annual first paragraph contest. I've submitted mine and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the others posted on there.

Lastly, I am wondering what you guys think of authonomy? (Those of you who are unagented) Would you post on there?


  1. Hope you feel better! Authonomy looks interesting. I've never heard of it before. I'm not exactly sure how it would be different from other writers forums like Absolute Write or Backspace, but it's a cool idea.

  2. Thanks for the get well wishes. I'l have to check out Backspace, haven't been there before.

  3. I visited Authonomy for a couple of days several months back. You think blogging's a time suck? :) -- a bit too much pandering going on over there, methinks.

    Synopses are worse than query letters, particularly the one page versions. Yuk!

    Feel better (the one benefit I always got from cold medicine was really whacked out dreams... perhaps not the best sleep, but fun head-movies :)

  4. I live in my own little world as well (referring to your about me) I am also a writer. I like your voice. It is one that sounds a little familiar lol. Hope you feel better soon! :o)

  5. Bane- I got sucked into Authonomy BAD earlier this year. There's so much there to read! Some really awesome stuff, and some...well not so much. And then like you said the pandering...

    Girl in My Own World- Thanks for visiting!

  6. I don't think it ever hurts to have your writing read in a public forum. I'd give Authonomy a go.

    Get well soon.