Monday, October 26, 2009

Hush, Hush....It's Gossip TIme

I just finished reading Becca Fitzpatrick's debut novel Hush, Hush. As you may remember from earlier posts, that I don't formally review books...I gossip about them.


First, I'd like us all to stand (yes, that means you- get your arse off that chair) and give Ms. Fitzpatrick a round of applause. She wrote it. Found an agent. Sold it. She did what so many of us dream to do.

The cover is AMAZING. Even if I hadn't been introduced to this book via blogging, I would have picked it up off the bookshelf at B&N. It's radiant cover art overshadowed all the other books it shared a shelf with.

I really liked the epilogue. The writing was vivid and pulled me in right away. In fact I like the epilogue so much it inspired me to write my own epilogue. He he.

I like how we're introduced to Patch in the first chapter. Typical hot, bad guy that all girls (whether they want to admit it or not) lust over. He's shadowed in mystery from the get go. And then when I learn that Nora's dad is murdered- I want to read more.

Most of this book made me do the following:
"Say Wha--?" Flip back and re-read paragraphs or even entire pages.

Made me wonder why many female protags have unkempt/curly red or reddish hair and freckles (City of Bones, Great and Terrible Beauty, to name a few). The presence of red heads in fiction makes me think of my AP U.S. History teacher from high school. He always pointed out which historical figures in U.S. History were redheads, as a way to justify their actions. "You know them read heads. They're wiley firecrackers."

Some of the plot did seem contrived at places. But then at the end when you learn that Eliot is working for Jules (who is Nephilim) it all makes sense and you realize it's not contrived anymore. But, what I don't get is at the end when Patch tells Nora that Jules died and that Jules couldn't come back because he doesn't have a soul. Why is he lacking a soul, but is Nephilim? And Nora who is also Nephilim apparently has a soul? Why does Jules have powers, but Nora doesn't? Maybe this will be discussed in the sequel (which I will definitely read).

I want to find out the story behind Nora's Dad's murder. For some reason, I think it plays a role in the big picture. Do you? Any thoughts on this?

Lastly, I'd like to say I enjoyed this book so much that I actually tore myself away from watching Sunday NFL football just so I could read pages during commercial breaks and time outs. (And if you know how big of an NFL fan I am- you'd understand how big of a deal this is).

Any one else out there want to gossip about Hush, Hush?


  1. Read it...loved it. Loved patch...can't wait for the next one!

  2. It's on my to-buy list, just have to do the actual buying. :)

  3. Patch made HUSH HUSH for me. His character was engaging and interesting throughout the whole book. I was annoyed by some of the same things that bothered you (and some others--Vee was really annoying to me), but I liked it overall.

  4. Thanks for dropping by and gossiping. L.T. you don't know what you're missing =)

  5. Haven't read it but I loved your history teacher's quote!

    I just read your new and improved work. Left a comment.