Monday, January 4, 2010

An ode to 2010

Oh, 2010
Sarcastically Delicious hates CNN
And I fear that when I write I am only a person who pretends
Yet, time and again, I have feared you 2010
For you symbolize the coming of age and make me feel like an old mud hen,
But regardless of what you may mean 2010
This is my vow and I will stand by it throught thick and thin

First, I will outline the revision of my book
I promise four chapters, outlined, a week, detailed and plotted from cranny to nook
Then a daily word goal will be under took
Two hundred to five hundred words per day should be fair
For I do not want to pull out my hair
And if time allows, I will write more
By June 2010 I shall share the manuscript with beta readers galore
July and August I will edit
And I shall not to forget to give my supporters credit
And then will come September
I will send out queries that no agent will fail to remember
In October I will eat lots of candy
I'll be celebrating or commiserating, either will be dandy

There you have it 2010
I won't let you beat me down as if I'm an arthritic wren
I will write and write, over again

Go ahead and mock me 2010 with those two big despicable numbers Three and Zero
I'll make this the best year yet- we'll see who'll be the HERO!


  1. Awesome - you are the hero, 2010 is the zero! Good luck with all of your goals. :-)

  2. YAY! That sounds like a great year! Good luck making it a reality. :)

  3. Well done! And I wish you the best with your resolutions.

    Like the pretty new photo too. You look like a young chick, not even close to an old hen.

  4. Terry- thanks for telling me that I don't look old. That made my day!

    Natalie & Shannon- thank you for the good luck wishes. I'm going to need them. =)

  5. Very nice :) Good luck with those goals!!

  6. Awesome and funny! Ode to 2010 will be remembered forever.

    I pray all your writing goals will come true!