Monday, January 18, 2010

A Perfect Day

There was no alarm clock to wake up to this morning. I didn't have to get to the skating rink by any specific time. Nor did I have to be anywhere in the afternoon. Bliss.

I spent the late morning/ early afternoon writing outdoors. It was unusually warm today and the sun beat on my back as I wrote. I sipped on Mango Ceylon and Orange Ginger Mint Tea. Both delish.

Then after a few hours of productive writing I decided I was tired and I returned home and took a two hour nap in the sun. Sasha kitty snuggled up to me. More Bliss. After napping I got in another hour of productive writing and then it was time to hit the blogs.

Is this what life is like for published authors? Perhaps, for the very successful. But, I've heard that a lot of authors, especially when starting out, keep their day jobs. Being published isn't the golden ticket to care free days of writing, naps, and an assortment of fruity teas. Not trying to be a kill joy. It's just the truth. Happy Writing!


  1. Sounds like a very nice day!! We can always dream :)

  2. Realistic and true. I like this post.

  3. My recent four days off involved getting a whole mess of writing/revising done over the course of two of them, so I can relate to your bliss.

    Ah if only we be independently wealthy and just write every day. Wouldn't it be grand?

  4. Lucky to be so warm! It's freezing here.

  5. Lovely day. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sounds heaven.