Monday, January 25, 2010

Sites Worth Mentioning

The more I blog, the more I realize that there are more blogging writers, agents, and peeps in the publishing industry than I can fathom. And I also realize that everyone has a different list of blogs that they find are of the just-can't miss-must read everyday variety. I also find that this must-read list tends to change with the seasons. But, here are some I am currently stalking:

Agent Blogs:
Agent Mary at Kidlit (She is quickly growing into my #1 fav to read. YOU MUST read her December posts on revision)
Agent Kristen at Pub Rants (She has sample query letters from her clients on right side bar AND she recently shared opening pages that led her to sign with a client)

Writer Blogs:
Kiersten Writes (She's funny and she has a book coming out September 2010)
There are a ton I can list here that range from peeps looking for representation to soon-to-be-published. But this is one blog I try not to miss.

Publishing Blogs:
Alan Rinzler (He doesn't post often. But when he does, it's full of juicy information)

Happy Writing!


  1. Hurray for great links! I love them. Thanks, Anita. :-)

  2. Thanks Anita! There are a pool of great resources in the blogsphere, thanks for the links.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Kidlit. Mary's got invaluable advice, IMO.

  4. They sound helpful. I try to keep my sites to a minimum but...


  5. A couple of these are on my must reads as well. I'll check out the others - thanks :)

  6. Great stuff here! I love Pub Rants. I think I've read it faithfully for 2 years now.

  7. Ah, thanks! I love your comments : )