Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Crazy in Them Thar Hills

Needless to say, if you live in the south, you'll admit that things are a bit crazy around here. There's this white, fluffy stuff floating in the air. Is that red neck dandruff? Cause when it hits the ground it doesn't really stick. And the schools were pre emptively closed yesterday- due to the bad weather. School closings for Thursday were announced Wednesday afternoon before a single flake had hit the ground.

Honestly, schools weren't closed Thursday because the weather was THAT bad (at least not in Birmingham). They were closed because Thursday was the BCS Game. The National Champshionship game. THE GAME for Alabama Fans. I'm not a huge college football fan but I do understand that Alabama playing in the National Championship game is nothing short of earth shattering and monumental. It belongs up there with walking on the moon and the invention of penicillin. In fact, sources tell me, there was a line about a quarter mile long outside of Academy Sports around midnight last night just so people could get their locker room championship t-shirts and hats. It was colder than Voldemort's heart last night! But, alas, one can't be a true Alabama fan without the most up to date Alabama regalia. And one must remember these were sanctum sanctorum t-shirts and hats.
Ok. Ok. I kid. I kid.

Seriously, I am happy that Alabama won (because I wouldn't want to see what a losing hangover looks like) and also because of the fact that my work didn't open until noon today because of the....uh...snow. Yeah.


  1. It's posts like these that make me love Southerners. Besides the accent of course(which is a bear to attempt to write without slipping in phonetic spelling).

  2. I second what Matt said! I wish we could have a...uh...snow day. :-)

  3. My SIL went to UT and I'm sure there were a bunch of sullen hangovers. That's the benefit of going to a tiny school, you don't have to worry about your team disappointing you... it's to be expected.

  4. We really don't close schools very often - only 3 days in over 20 years of teaching. (I live in Northern Ontario in Canada) We sometimes have busses off the roads so only "walkers" come, but teachers and support staff are expected to come no matter what. I'd support a snow day for a football game though!! More likely a hockey game up here I guess :)

  5. Ew. Football. I hate them thar sports in general. Except speed-typing.
    No explanation necessary.
    And no, I don't actually compete in speed-typing.