Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm not really introverted but if I have the choice to hang out with a large group or with just one or two friends, I will always opt for the situation with the lesser number of people. I suppose I'm more comfortable with  smaller numbers and I feel like the time spent is of greater quality.

Same goes for critique partners. I don't keep many and I enjoy the one on one interaction, the mutual brainstorming, and polishing of manuscripts. I once did a screenwriting workshop and we had to do group pitch sessions and share our work out loud, but never have I participated in an actual critique group.

On the weekends, I like to spend time at my local library. I'm lucky to live near a very cool library. It's like a coffee shop, lounge, and library with out door seating all in one. For the past few months I've seen fliers posted calling for Aspiring Writers. Knowing that this might be a beneficial experience but simultaneously cringing at the thought of attending something that might involve a group, I was able to find reasonable excuses not to go. A majority of the meetings conflicted with my work schedule. What's a girl to do?

But, I'm at the library right now and there's a meeting starting in eleven minutes. I don't really have an excuse, do I? I guess I'm going to put on my big girl panties and check it out.


  1. Good for you! I too have to get out there more. I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

  2. ...I'm a natural born recluse myself, trying to kick the habit. My editor tells me I need to be preparing for book signings and such, which gives me the sweats...but part of the "bizz" I guess. Good luck;)


  3. Good for you! Actually doing something you dread is hardly ever as bad as it seems. Hope it goes well :)

  4. It was actually a pleasant experience!