Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was driving my car, listening to Eoin Coiffer's The Supernaturalist. I was on disc 5, the last disc in the case, and I'm thinking to myself how is Mr. Coiffer going to wrap this story up by the end of disc 5? There are too many loose strings, too many character dilemmas to work out. How is he going to do it by the end of this disc? Just this expectation alone, regardless of the intense plot, had me on the edge of my seat. When the end of disc 5 came it was anti-climatic. It didn't make sense. How could you end a story like that? It reminded of how I went to see the Fellowship of the Ring in the theaters (this was before I had read the books) and how disappointed I was by the ending. When was Frodo going to get the ring to Mordor? I didn't know there was going to be a second movie.

Anyway, I turn off the CD player and pick up the audio book case. On the back cover it said there were supposed to be six CDs. SIX. Not five. SIX.

Me and the Hoover Public Library are going to be having some words about this.


  1. That is awful! I hope you get disc 6 really soon!

    My sister came with me to the LotR 1st movie. She had no idea they were going to leave her hanging like that. She was SO ticked off! :)

  2. A slipped disc is always painful:)

  3. Oh no! What a pain. To be that close to the end. I hope the library can find it.

    My kids and I have been listening to a lot of audio cd's lately. It's a great way to squeeze story time into a busy life. Right now, we're listening to Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. I choose shorter books for around town and longer ones for trips.

  4. Theresa- I listen to more audio books then read books. I just spend way too much time in the car.

  5. For those of you waiting in suspense. I went to the library the other day and they had Disc 6.I got to listen to the end of the Supernaturalist and all is right again in the world again.