Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skating Update

As many of you loyal followers know, I tore my ACL on March 10, 2010 and it absolutely devastated me. But, after I had surgery, my life changed considerably, and once I got over pitying myself, I learned that every mishap in your life, somehow has a silver lining, no matter how thin it may be.

I learned how to slow my life down. Learned, really isn't the appropriate term, my ailing knee forced me to slow down. I'm a dreamer and I think I was just trying too hard to achieve too many dreams at once. I was on a downward spiral to stress, heart attack, and just plain working-too-much insanity. Since the injury I haven't found more time to write per say. But, I have learned to give myself time to think, relax, and spend more time with the friends and family that I love. And when I do have time to write, I can see the difference in the quality of prose that I produce. My characters are richer. I feel my voice actually shines through the words I string together. And in the end I take joy in reading what I have written.

I've also found time to read more. I've found time to beta more, and I love critiquing for my new writer buddy, Diane Magras. But, I love even more contemplating  the thought provoking suggestions Diane gives me on Product of an Illusion.

That being said...
I am back on the ice. Slowly, in a way, relearning to skate. Truthfully, I don't think that its my body that has forgotten to skate. I can feel myself wanting to turn and flow as I did before the injury. The biggest challenge I face is having to actually think about contracting my quad and glut when skating. I have never had to think about what muscle to contract to accomplish a specific skating element or to push through a therapy exercise. It's like the nervous connection between my brain and the muscles in my right leg became apathetic after surgery. Granted, there is significant muscle weakness in my right leg. But, that's a given. The strength will come back in time. It's a challenge to say the least.

That is why I'm absolutely bursting with glee. Today was the first day since my injury that I muddled through the Starlight Waltz, Paso Doble, and Argentine Tango. Even though my legs are absolute Jello right now, this progress makes me all sorts of happy. Not only did I skate these dance, but also with the support of my wonderful coach, I was able to do counter, rocker, and bracket turns on my right foot. So happy. Can't even explain it. =)


  1. Sounds like progress, but take it easy on that ice.

    I'll try to get that banner resized in the next 48 hours, Anita.

  2. Good on ya... way to get back on the horse... er... ice.

  3. Congratulations Anita. Glad your skating again. Keep up the writing too.