Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? Just spent an amazing weekend with my besties in Vegas. And of course I can't indulge you in the debauchery, because as they say, what ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

About to steal a lead in from the amazing Nathan Bransford.

You tell me: For all you avid writers out there, do you feel that your reading experience is somewhat different now that you know the inner workings of plot, pacing, and character development; now that you're in the trenches carving out your own novel?

For example, I was listening to The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong the other day, and something horrible happened to the main character, Chloe. And I was like, wow look at how Ms. Armstrong just "raised the stakes" and as I read further, the plot thickened, and I remember thinking to myself that the story had just reached "the point of no return."

I assume regular-non-writer-people don't think like this while they read. You tell me.

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