Friday, December 4, 2009

Yes, You Heard Right...There is Snow in Houston Folks!

After napping at thirty thousand feet, my eyes open as the plane descends for landing. The clouds thin and I rub my eyes in disbelief. The roof tops are coated in a thick layer of snow and giant flakes are swirling in the sky. Did I get on the wrong plane? Did the pilot take a detour? This couldn't be....Texas?

And of course iPhone, as vindictive as he is, purposely told me that the temperature in Houston would be 55 degrees today and in the sixties for the rest of the weekend. I ain't packed for no thirty degrees freezing cold weather. I think my iPhone is in cahoots with Kiersten's laptop.

Anyway, I've got sixteen hours of gloriously boring lectures to look forward to this weekend. Usually I tune out and work on my book. But since my book is still radio active (with radiation levels slowly but surely dropping) I guess I'll have to attention to sixteen hours of blather on corneas and contact lenses. Bah.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend! Happy writing!


  1. I would never have anticipated snow in Houston either. Go figure!

    Have a great time and enjoy those lectures! ;)

  2. You know something's screwy with the weather when Houston gets snow and the Northwest doesn't. Hope you have a great visit regardless.

  3. I thought it was always, always hot in Texas ?! craziness.

    Good luck with your lectures.

  4. It was my freshman or soph year at Rice when there was a huge icestorm (and when I say huge, I mean like an inch) and the entire city shut down. Kind of cool when these crazy weather patterns hit (just as long as they don't stay around too long)

  5. Wow! Snow in Houston...Go figure??? Stay warm and enjoy your lectures.