Monday, December 21, 2009

Does your significant other read your blog?

I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! Mine was quite busy. I got to spend a good bit of time with Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend), but alas we spent most of it working. We did however have a very nice dinner at the Melting Pot on Friday during which we had some great conversation.

Let me tell you a bit about Sarcastically Delicious....
1. He doesn't like fiction.
2. He doesn't like anything with "fantasy" in it. It's beyond him why I participate in a fantasy football league. He says it's NOT REAL!  But it is SD. It is.
3. To this day he says, "I just DON't understand why you like Twilight. It's just gay." And if he can squeeze in a comment about "sparkling nipples" and "taking ones shirt off one too many times" he will never miss an opportunity.
3. He's not on Facebook
4. He is very FUNNY. He makes jokes about everything.
5. And of course he's sarcastic and hot. Hence his namesake- Sarcastically Delicious (which I believe he came up with himself)
6. He gives me my space. He doesn't care that I like to ice skate at the butt crack of dawn, spend most of my time in la la land, and do a wide assortment of careers.

So as you've probably figured out he doesn't read my blog. And I don't think he ever will. Does that bother me? Not really. He does however comment on my e-popularity.

So does your significant other read your blog? And how do you feel about that?


  1. Funny post Anita. Lol at the ( which I believe he came up with himself) line. My hubbie doesn't read my blog much either, but he supports me in it. He hates facebook though. He doesn't understand the attraction. He humors me in my writing. Thanks for your comment about my kissing scene. I really appreciate it.

  2. No... she thinks it's funny that I do it, and doesn't like the fact that most of the other bloggers are female ;).

    And your man sounds excellent (minus the fantasy part -- though I double his scorn for fantasy football)... Not on Facebook and thinks Twilight is hella gay -- yep, he's a keeper :)

  3. Mine doesn't read my blog. In fact, mine doesn't read, much. He promises to read any book I have published, but to be honest, he isn't exactly my target audience. I'd have to write a book that somehow incorporated hay, hunting, football (fantasy or otherwise) and power tools to get his attention. Unfortunately, the whole Redneck this has been done.

  4. My hubby rarely uses a computer - doesn't enjoy it at all. Nope - it doesn't bother me in the least. As Renee said, definitely not my target audience :)

  5. I don't *think* mine does. But just in case I try not to say things that might be misconstrued, haha. I'd be fine with it if he did-- in fact, I think I'd prefer it so he didn't think I was so totally crazy when I try to explain the "you had to be there" blogging moments that happen throughout the day.

    He does read my books, though, and I can't ask for more than that because he's super picky!

  6. So far as I know, my wife hasn't read my blog except for the first few posts. She knows that I write it, but that's about the limit of her involvement.

    She also wants me to get published, but doesn't involve herself in the process. That said, she's also a bigger reader of YA fiction than anything ... so not really the audience I'm aiming for.

  7. Good to know I'm not the only one who has a significant other that doesn't read their blog =)

  8. this made me laugh, because SD is hilarious :) remember that time i tried to convince him about the male pregnancy? i'm literally laughing out loud just thinking about him. AND the pictures at that restaurant where Donna's 50th was? HAHAHA.

    my bf does on occasion read my blog. but gives me my space sometimes, too.

  9. I remember the pregnant male! I'll have to post SD's drawing of that!

  10. My husband does read my blog and in the early days before I had many followers would also post to make me feel like someone was reading what I wrote. He's cute like that.

    We're taking a trip to Seattle next week and are going to the Melting Pot for the first time. I love fondue!

  11. My husband doesn't read my blog much. In the beginning I felt bad about it, now I accept this is my avenue of escape and allow him to indulge me the privacy. If he does ever decide to read it, I hope he would be proud.

  12. What if we're wrong and our significant others really do read our blogs, but they just pretend that they don't?!?

  13. My hubby pops in every once in a while, just to make sure I'm not picking on him too much. :) He told me just today that he sometimes feels a little jealous of the blog and how much I enjoy it, though.

  14. Tamika- I'm sure you're hubby would be proud

    Shannon- SD does get jealous of everything I do, but playfully. Yesterday Marissa and I moved a bookshelf into the living room and we decorated it with a plethora of amazing books. And I said, "I can't wait for the day when I can just lounge around and pull a random book off the shelf and just read."
    "Or you could just spend time with me," said SD
    (Matthew, notice how that was written in British English)

  15. Actually, no one reads my blog because I haven't really posted on it yet.:) I'll begin blogging on it in mid-January.

    My husband doesn't like fiction either but he does read mine and likes it. And believe me, he tells me about anything he doesn't think is up to standard. So he's a good editor and comes up with suggestions for me too.