Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Holidays

A lot of people are taking a blog hiatus due to the upcoming holidays. I am still undecided on my blog status. As you all know, I'm a bit ba hum bug right now and I am trying quite hard to come out of the funk.

For starters, I made a fire the other day and hung up stockings, in hopes that  Santa would squeeze his fat ass down my chimney and bring me a muse.

Next, Sarcastically Delicious (this was more his doing than mine) and I put up a tree. Sasha Kitty is waging war against the tree. So far the score is Kitty 1  Tree 0. And what a terrible loss it was folks. Tree was laying panting on its side, ornaments scattered across the floor, and branches strewn hither and tither. To the right is a pre battle shot.

And lastly, I went to Barnes & Noble and bought all of my ice skating students and my skating coach copies of City of Bones, City of Ashes, and if they were extra special City of Glass. I even splurged on some peppermint hot chocolate, sadly it tasted off.

And finally, I want to complain about how kids get off of school until January 5th! That's the 5th! And us adults have to work!
Ok, that's it from me for now. I fear this post is veering farther and farther away from writing and books. Happy Holidays!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have to go back the fourth. Blah.

  2. Our kids go back on the 4th. I'm a teacher and I'll be back for a couple of days before that getting prepped - if that makes you feel any better :)

  3. Yeah, I miss college when there was a 4 week winter break. The good ole days.

    And, hey, a tree's one more step than my wife and I have made.

  4. Ahhh... except for us teachers. We get until the 5th off too. ;)

    Good luck shaking the ba hum bugs. Your tree looked beautiful pre-kitty!

  5. The tree is gorgeous - I hope it still looks pretty. We go back on the 4th here, but that still makes for a nice break.

    Good luck finding some holiday cheer (maybe some brandied eggnog would help!) :)

  6. I'm with you Anita. How dare these college students and school age children get such a long vacation while us non-teachers have to keep working.


  7. Hear hear on the winter break thing.

    Though I'm personally in favor of summer break for adults. You know, three easy breezy months, responsibility-free... should be a law by now, dangit!

  8. Ohhhh......3 month summers off would be fabulous!