Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Good Complication...

A good complication illuminates, thwarts, or alters the character's desire.

A good complication forces the character to act.

A good complication offers the story a point of departure.

A good complication raises the stakes.

A good complication thickens the plot.

~ Monica Wood, The Pocket Muse


  1. So very true - makes me feel better for torturing my characters :)

    How's the injury coming along?

  2. Excellent points -- the line between good complications and gimmicks, though, can be quite blurry.

  3. The "injury" is seeing a surgeon today and then has an appointment to see two other surgeons on Monday. I've just been in a holding pattern this past week because all the surgeons have been out for spring break. I just hope I pick the best one. Thanks for asking Jemi :)

  4. Does "The Pocket Muse" live up to its title?

  5. I like this! I'm in the midst of a new first draft- complications are good!