Monday, March 29, 2010

Every Ending Has A New Beginning

I want to first thank everyone for the get well wishes and moral support. It really means a lot.

Even though my time on the ice may be temporarily over, each day has been filled with new experiences since I had ACL reconstructive surgery on March 24th. 

1. Immediately after surgery was the first time in my life I experienced excruciating pain. I wonder if child birth is worse? You moms out there, tell me, does child birth feel like having a train run over your leg several times or somebody repeatedly bashing your knee with a sledge hammer? If it's worse, then umm....I may not do the whole child bearing thing and I really commend you guys.

2. I rode a wheel chair for the first time. I had a blast wheeling myself through the aisles of Wal-Mart and learning how to maneuver and turn. It was bliss doing something fast and physical again.

3. I take joy in the small accomplishments I'm making in my recovery. Last Friday the therapist bent my knee 85 degrees and today we got to 108 degrees. Celebration!!

4. I've realized that there are a lot of good people out there. I can't tell you how many people have opened doors, offered to bring me food, get me an extra chair, or grabbed something off a shelf for me.

5. And last, but definitely not least, I've learned just how amazing my Mom is. I always knew she was something special, but I truly believe the great strides I'm making in my recovery are because of my Mom taking such awesome care of me. Thank you Mom!!


  1. Child birth is a pain of its own. I wouldn't compare it to anything. With child birth most women ultimately have a counter attack (pushing). Plus, when it is over, you have a beautiful little bundle in your arms. With the pain you describe, as with most injuries, you're just stuck receiving the pain, and nothing to cuddle afterward.
    I hope you recover quickly!

  2. glad you're doing well and it sounds like your making the most of your situation. Your mom is definitely a keeper. Hope your hope and gliding across the ice soon.

  3. So glad you're making such great strides in your recovery! Sounds like you're healing well - 108 is very good so early!

  4. Thank you for explaining the pain of child birth Renee. It makes sense the way you explain it. And many thanks to everyone for the get well wishes!

  5. I remember for my head surgery the worst part was the post surgical sinus-pressure release valve. Every few hours the nurse would come in, put some sort of sealed vial in this port in my head, which created suction. Felt like I was having my brains sucked out.

    Sounds like you were having similar fun. And I can't even imagine what childbirth's like, though, as Renee said, there's a positive after-effect that might help.

    Keep up the positive attitude and you'll be up and running sooner than it seems now.

  6. Bane- I can't imagine what a "sinus-pressure release valve" would even feel like it. And I can't imagine how much your head must have hurt.
    Trying my best to stay positive, but sometimes it is hard.