Monday, January 21, 2013

Gossip Time...The Second Sign

My good friend and critique partner Elizabeth Arroyo wrote THE SECOND SIGN, published by Sapphire Star Publishing. And I can't believe that I'm actually getting to talk to you about her book!  

THE SECOND SIGN is fast paced, dark, and heart wrenching. Here's a brief description:

Bred to believe in the war between angels and demons, Gabby has come to the conclusion that love is responsible for war, jealousy, and all the other deadly sins she can think of. So when she’s exiled to the middle of nowhere for getting kicked out of her fifth school for fighting, she doesn't expect to meet Jake. Much less fall in love. But Jake is quickly drawn to the eerie beauty of her violet eyes while Gabby is unsettled by their undeniable connection.

When a demon guardian comes to collect her soul, she refuses to give it up. She’s not a demon. She can’t be. Her father and twin brother are angels. The demon gives Gabby twenty-four hours to decide her allegiance, and then starts killing her short list of friends, leaving a message behind: She is the Second Sign.

As Gabby and Jake begin to unravel the mystery behind the Second Sign, she learns Jake may be the key to saving her soul. But it means a sacrifice has to be made that will change their lives forever.

  • The story is written in the alternating point of views of Gabby and Jake and I instantly fell in love with them both. I found myself rooting for them, hoping they would end up together because they just seemed like the missing half to the other person's soul.
  • Suspense. Lots of it. This is the kind of read where you heart pounds in your throat.
  • Excellent world building.
  • (This might actually be a pro for some people) Blood. A lot of people die. 
  • (This might actually be a pro for some people). Scary. Some serious evil demonic forces come for Gabby and Jake.
  • There were a few times where I just couldn't stomach what was happening and I had to close the book for a few minutes so my brain and heart could process the unfair things that were happening to Gabby and Jake. But the reading break would only last a few minutes because then I'd take a deep breath and plunge right back into the story again.
If you'd like to stalk Elizabeth (I mean get to learn about her more) check out her:


  1. Can't wait to read this! Liz does dark really well.

  2. I just tweeted this review - the book sounds A-MA-ZING...and a bonus for me- the cover is gorgeous!! Can't wait to read this one. :)

    1. Thanks for the tweet! Everyone needs to know about THE SECOND SIGN!