Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Years Since the Tear

This past Saturday was my two year anniversary of tearing my ACL. It's not exactly one of those occasions you celebrate, but it was a day of reflection for me. While I never want to tear my ACL again or go through surgery, I wouldn't want to give up all I've learned or how much I've grown as a person these past two years.

To commemorate the day, my friend Marissa (a former internally competitive pairs skater who hadn't skated in 2 years and 28 days) and I decided to go skate at a public session. It was wonderful to see my very talented friend on skates again. While she was reacquainting herself with her blades, I frequently skated over to the spot were IT happened. IT was caused by a stupid hole in the ice that snagged my toe pick. Who knew that particular frozen piece of water would have had such an impact on my life?

Sometimes, when I let myself think about it, I'll get nervous if I jump or spin on that spot of ice. Usually, I just avoid the area.

Today was the first day since I tore my ACL that I started landing double loops on one foot. Getting this jump back again has been difficult because the take off is off the right foot (the injured knee) and the landing is one the right foot.

It's not the prettiest landing, but it's there:

I kept trying and trying to land a clean double loop with a solid landing. And when I actually do it, coach isn't filming. LOL. Even though I fall on this one, I love my coach's reaction.

Mucho thanks to my awesome coach and friend, Danny, for helping me learn to do this all over again! I love you!!