Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things I've Learned on Twitter

I've been trying to be more active on Twitter and I've learned so many interesting things this past week!
  • Harry Potter Land! In Spring 2012 Leavesden studios are opening doors and allowing people to tour the magical sets used to film all eight movies. I so want to go. Trip to England anybody?
  • I recently got an iPad. And I thoroughly enjoy it. But after owning a light weight Nook, I find that the iPad is a little heavy to hold when reading (or heavy for a girl with twenty years worth of figure skating falls and slapping her wrists on the ice). So I've been quite intrigued by Amazon's new announcement of the Kindle Fire. And this device is literally on FIRE. 250,000 have already been ordered in FIVE DAYS!
  • The sequel to Alexandra Adornetto's Halo is out. The cover is smoking, as is the title: Hades.
  • I also came across a great blog called Ingrid's Notes. She has an excellent seven part series called To Plot or Not to Plot. She discusses things, such as the difference between narrative and story and whether or not your story even has a plot.
  • And lastly, I learned I'm not the only person that struggles with their cat getting between them and their laptop.


  1. Interesting information on Twitter. Thanks for sharing.

    As for the last point, I've been there with three dogs:-)

  2. So in for the trip to England!

  3. Just got back from England so it'll be a while before I can go back. But if you go, be sure to also see Edinburgh, Scotland. J.K.R. spent a lot of time there and I think it feels more "Potterish" than most of London. You have to see it and walk it to understand, but I highly recommend it. Oxford is also awesome for the Hogwarts campus feel.