Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Writing Quirks

At the beginning of the month I started another rewrite of my novel, which I have now decided to call Trifecta, primarily because it's one of my favorite words. Maybe I can work in a scenario where my main character will have to place her bets on three finishers in exact order. Or maybe the title of my novel will evolve with the increasing page count. But for now, I refer to it as Trifecta because it makes me happy. So during the writing of this manuscript I've developed several interesting quirks.
  • I am writing this novel by hand in a salmon colored notebook
  • I have become preferential to writing in purple ink. Sometimes I'll use shades of pink or magenta if it has enough purple hints in it. I don't know where this purple infatuation is coming from because my favorite color is red.
  • What I write by hand the story comes out in past tense, but when I tweak and transfer it to MS Word it automatically changes to present tense, the intended tense.
  • This isn't so much of a quirk, but I drew up a beat sheet for this novel prior to writing. I'vebeen using it as a loose road map as I write. It has been extremely helpful.
Do you ever discover new, interesting quirks about yourself when you write? I find myself wondering what color ink I'll choose to pen my next novel in, or if instead of a notebook, I'll go back to drafting on a computer instead.

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  1. Awesome! There's nothing like loving the process of writing. Thanks for sharing.