Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makes Me Wonder....

Across the street from the clinic where I work, everyday, there's a group of old guys sitting in folding chairs underneath the shade of a large oak tree. I see them in the morning when I pull in to the parking lot and they're there when I leave in the evening. Granted, I don't know if these are the same men, or if a shift change occurs in the middle day.

Some days I envy them. Especially on a sunny, breezy day like today, when for once the Alabama heat is timid and not scorching.

Some days I feel bad for them. They must be unemployed I suspect. In this economy I know it can be difficult to find a job.

Some days I envision that they are in fact a super secret council that meets in the open, hence no one suspects that they are super secret.

Some days I'm happy for them because they're a bunch of retired men planning their bucket list.

Some days I think their gathering is an informal daily poker tournament. Bring your lawn chair and chips.  BYOLC&C?

Somehow this post is pertinent to writing. Seeing these men day in and out sparks a bit of my imagination, and isn't imagination one of the key ingredients for creative writing?


  1. I love these 'intimate strangers'. People we see on a regular basis, but don't know. I enjoy making up their stories too :)

  2. Writers are constantly being encouraged to get out and live for inspiration. This is a good reason why.

  3. I related to this post. I love making up stories about random strangers.