Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grown Up Books

Sometimes I get a bit embarrassed by the fact that I often find more pleasure reading middle grade and young adult books rather than grown up books. Give me the Deathly Hallows, Eragon, or Twilight any day. I'm open to reading books of all genres. But reading about the fantastical gives me a girlish thrill.

A few months ago I recommended my friends and the suggestion uh....left me feeling young, immature. One friend loved it. The other friend, was like, ummm...I couldn't get into it. It was too teenagey. My insides turned red like Bella's forever blushing cheeks and I was needless to say, abashed.

Apparently most thirty year old girls like reading stuff like the Verghese, Vidal, or Vonnegut. I'm sure they are excellent writers and I wouldn't mind reading their work. I know a lot of you write for the young adult or middle grade audience. Do you ever get a bit a embarrassed by your taste in books?

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  1. I'm totally not embarrassed by it! :) I get what you mean, but nah, it doesn't bother me. Occasionally my daughter and I will get handed the wrong books when we're shopping; she likes nonfiction and I like kidlit. Hee! Cracks me up when that happens.

    Have a great weekend, Anita!