Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiring Places to Write

This morning I had the 6:30 am pleasure of filming a Ninjitsu combat video in the Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The air was crisp, cool and the morning light soft. As I pulled my ten ton camera case behind me, I saw visions of myself penning away my novel within the confines of the garden. There was a wide swinging bench shaded by tall trees. Inside the bamboo forest we discovered a hidden alcove with a small stream trickling through. It was so enticing! I wanted to drop all my equipment, whip out a piece of paper, and start writing my master piece.
Perhaps later this week, I'll spend an early morning in the gardens. And this time....scratch...scratch....I won't forget the OFF.

Have you ever come across a place that just literally moved you to write?


  1. What an inspiring spot. I hope you're good and productive when you write there.

    I write anytime, any place. But I do like my writing spot in my living room, which is comfy, is surrounded by plants, and gets ample sun. Sometimes my cats sits on my lap.

  2. Always liked being near the ocean, preferably on a high cliff so I can hear the waves crashing.

  3. First of all - I'm new to the blog - hello!

    I recently discovered the waterfront not too far from my house, and I absolutely love going there. It's very inspiring and I wish I could get there more often - but the majority of the time I'm just in my room.

  4. That's beautiful. I love being outside, but unfortunately my computer is not a laptop so I have to write in my dark little office. It's not very inspiring. Maybe I'll have to bust out the ancient laptop over the summer and do some writing in the yard.

  5. Cliff writing sounds awesome Bane.
    Thanks for visiting Writing Nut.
    Natalie- perhaps you could try a really long extension cord and then your desktop would be mobile =) Who needs a laptop.