Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's the small things that make life exciting....

A rundown of my totally fabulous/odd day so far:

1. When I woke up my hibernating computer this morning the weirdest thing happened. And I promise you I am not kidding, or tripping, or indulging in any mind altering drugs. A little pink pig scampered across the bottom right corner of my screen. It was about the size of a quarter. I swear. Final Cut Pro was open and at the bottom of the screen this pig ran across the timeline.

2. I didn't have to go to work until 10am today!! Wooohooo! I still woke up early and got a TON of stuff done! AND here's the real cool part. I didn't have to drive an hour and a half to get to work. The powers that be placed me at an office only 27 minutes from my house!!!

3. THE BEST PART. I got an email from Alex Glass. It was in response to my email asking how he'd prefer I submit my manuscript for the partial critque I won through Brenda Novak's auction. Nothing ground breaking. But just to see an email from an agent sitting in my inbox... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! =)

4. I started listening to Cassandra Clare's City of Glass in the car today.

Hope everyone's day is as cool as mine! Don't forget to add on to our explosively awesome story concoction this month!


  1. Sounds as if the little pig was a good omen!

    Anita, I posted in the story-line but I accidentally made it first person. I'm so used to writng in first person. If you'd like me to add a fix, I can, or you can change it if you like.

  2. Good luck with your submission. It's always cool getting positive e-mail from an agent.

  3. Hurrah on all!!

    I kinda want to see this little pig, haha. Sounds so cute :)

    Hope the critique goes well!

  4. That is a good day... today's doughnut day at work, so it's a semi-good day for me, too :)

  5. Hmm.
    1. I didn't get up until 11:30. No school today.
    2. I actually remembered to take a vitamin.
    3. I'm babysitting my little sister. Does my mom really trust me that much?!
    4. I'm tired. What else is new.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys! One more thing that makes this day ubberly fabulous.

    Terry, Don't worry about shifting POV. I mean come on the story has switched tenses a gazillion times. If it bothers you, repost it. But, I'm cool with it.

    Liam, so glad you remembered to take your vitamin. With the flu going around it's best keep your immune system in tip top shape. Enjoy your day off!

  7. OK, Anita, I'll just leave it then and let you get back to your wonderful day.

  8. I love days like that, where everything falls into place effortlessly.

    Happy writing!

  9. Hmm...I've never seen a pink little pig on my computer screen. Interesting... Congrats on your wonderful day. Hope the same happens tomorrow!