Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bursting with Happiness!

I'm just so happy right now. Let me list why:

1. My friend Marissa Spector- well she's more than a friend- I think of her as my little sister, recently started a blog AND just competed in pairs at the 2010 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships. Her partner and her just placed 3rd! They're going to Nationals in January! Woot! Woot! I am sooooo happy for her!

2. I sent off my manuscript for the last partial critique that I won through Brenda Novak's online auction today. It's exciting and nerve wracking.

3. I'm going to see New Moon in theaters tomorrow with cousin, cousin in law (it happens to be his birthday), cousin in law's friend, Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend), Marissa and her madre! So excited! I don't know why I'm so excited because I hated the first movie (loved the book though- yes I'm not embarrassed to say it.). I guess after seeing the trailers my hope is that it will be better than the first movie.

4. I now have 26 followers!

5. Almost done listening to City of Glass. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Stay tuned for Gossip Time.

Don't forget the add on story. Dorian's mustang has magically healed and is driving, of its own volition I might add, to rescue Dorian or help him find the woman carrying his child. Hard to say sometimes what's exactly going on there, its open to interpretation.

I'm also changing my profile picture to a picture that more exemplifies me. I'm the one on the left, my cool cousin- Namstar (that's not really her name) is on the right. I LOVE to laugh and making people laugh, thus I think this pic is more me.


  1. Great profile picture! can't look at it without smiling myself. See:


    Fingers crossed for a fruitful critique.

  2. All good stuff. That's amazing about your friend! Good luck to her.

    And good luck with the critique! I hope you get lots of helpful advice :)

  3. I like the new photo. Pretty smiles.

    Yes good luck with the critique and yay! for your friend too!

  4. Hi, Anita. This may add to your happiness: I have just awarded you no less than two blogging awards! Follow the link to find out more, but don't feel obliged to accept either of them:)


  5. Kudos to your friend...Third place...that is quite an accomplishment. Also, love the photo, looks like you and your cousin are having loads of fun. Congrats on the followers, you'll have to let me in on your secret to hooking em:) Best Wishes.