Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dream Lists...

Let's face it we're all dreamers. We wouldn't be writing if we weren't. Our writing aspirations are often private- shared only with family, friends, and blog mates. We don't let the "real" world know what it is that we're really up to- typing diligently during lunch or "cleaning up" when our kids are asleep.

A life time in the sport of  figure skating taught me many important lessons. One of the most important being, goal setting. Now for the purpose of today's post, let's interchange the word goal for dreams. It is said that to become succesful it is important to actually write down what you're dreams are. The act of writing our dreams makes us accountable to them. And of course, our dreams will evolve as time passes, and thus will need to be updated.

So let's get started....Dream List Time....Just fill in the blanks.

Dream Agent: for me this would be someone quirky, fun, hard working, knowledgable, savy, and gets me.

Dream Publisher: a house with a strong YA department (I haven't actually picked out which one is my dream publisher yet)

Dream Cover: Simple, elegant, with a tad of flashiness to it

Dream Book Tour Itinerary: Start in New York (I have a ton of family there), then go to Baltimore (cause I have more fam there), and then North Carolina (that way Nicholas Sparks can show up and congratulate me and I can oogle over him), from there I'd like to hit Florida, then Atlanta (have a bunch of friends and fam there), then in Alabama I'll have to hit Huntsville (go to my highschool) and Birmingham... oh and then Chicago to see get the picture

Whew...that book tour tired me out. What are some things you would put on your dream list?


  1. Hmmm... I'd probably be like Cormac McCarthy and avoid as much hoopla as possible -- although I guess that's not feasible, really. However, I'd definitely avoid Oprah, no matter what :)

  2. I dream of having my published book in my hands and being able to hang with the authors I love as their equal.

  3. Dream Agent: One who loves mystery and has a sense of humor.

    Publisher: Not sure.

    Dream Cover. Must-have colors: Hooker Red and Hooker Black. Tastefully sexy, not trashy though.

    Dream Book Tour: Would be more like a nightmare for me. But I could go along with one starting with a Paris bistro tour, moving along to the Amalfi Coast and a glass or two of limoncello. Then a tapas bar tour of Spain and ending in the Greek isles for a cool Frappe, some souvlaki and a shot or two of oozo.

    Biggest Dream: Money, the more the merrier.

  4. you be dieting? i need to lose lbs! you be doing gluten free?

  5. Terry- "Hooker black and Hooker red"- this is priceless.

    Sconita- who are you? I'm a bit dimwitted at times and I just recently realized your screen name is a play on my name and my boyfriend's name.