Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is that you with smelly underpants?

I got your attention with the smelly underpants. Don't deny it.

Today's blog is about smells- good and bad. When I read I like it when an authors describes smells. The smell of a setting, the smell of a character, the smell of an object, the smell produced by an action- they all help paint a better picture in my imagination.

I've been listening to the Lost Symbol in the car and there is a specific scene (don't worry I'm not giving away anything and if you've read it you know what I'm talking about) where Brown creates a pivotal moment centered around the smell of Ethanol. Woah. I so felt it. The burn. The noxious fumes. I was gripping the steering wheel at this part.

When we write we use words to describe sensory stimuli for the five senses. The best writers I believe cover all FIVE. A few months ago, I noticed my writing only utilized four senses. Smells were mentioned minimally in my WIP. So I went through the entire thing and where I felt it was needed, I described the smell of that moment.

How do you guys feel about the description of smells in what you read and write?

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  1. Your header did get my attention! I'm still chuckling. I love writing that includes smells and tastes. Amy Tann is fantastic at this. I can hardly read one of her food passages without my mouth watering. I think I need to work more on smells in my writing. I think sight, hearing and touch are the senses I deal with most.