Monday, January 2, 2012

Weird Cold Virus Induced Dreams

So do you know what Sarcastically Delicious gave me for Christmas?

Yup, this pretty fella. Look at that toxic turquoise and the lovely mucous inducing purples. I like to call him Snot Monster, but the technical name for him is the Cold Virus.

Other than the snot, and the coughing, and hacking, and the general I-want-to-crawl-under-the-bed-and-die-malaise, Mr. Snot Monster also caused some seriously weird dreams during my afternoon nap.

I was in California, driving a rental car deciding which friend I should surprise visit. Then I get stuck in typical bumper to bumper traffic. I'm the first car in line at a crosswalk and the red light is taking forever. To my right there must be a gym because I see all these cute senior citizens suited up in their shorts and tank tops crossing the street. I wait and wait at this red light and I guess the old folks are getting tired crossing the street because they start climbing in my car.

"Sweetie, is it all right if I rest here a bit?" a wrinkled woman with an electric pink sweat bank across her forehead asks.

Not wanting to be rude I say it's ok, all the while wondering how quickly these old folks can get out of my car when the light turns green.

The light turns green.
I turn in my seat waiting for the gramps and grams crew to jump out of my car, but they're fumbling at their seat belts, and their shaking hands can't seem to find the door handle, and someone else is complaining about their arthritis. Then all these cars start honking their horns behind me, so I hit the gas and go.

The old people in the back are spouting off Oh, deary me and Hold up there whipper snapper.
I tell them not to worry, that I'm going to turn around and take them back. But, right as I say it I enter this giant traffic intersection maze. Like you can't even tell which way your lane is going, and there are so many cars, and lights, and signs, and it's just a huge jumbled mess. And everyone is driving so fast! I careen through some awful tight turns and manage to turn around. By the time I drop the old folks off at the gym I'm so exhausted and relieved from getting out of the giant traffic maze, I'm like screw visiting my friends, I'm not driving in that mess again, and then I wake up.

Now, for those of you who like to analyze dreams, what could that one possibly mean?!?


  1. You're feeling overwhelmed. Mazes, traffic, impromptu octogenarian carpoolers. Everything is coming at you at once. It's hard to navigate. You're getting lost. Also, you feel encumbered by responsibility. You don't want to say no to the oldies, but you recognize that they are holding you back from your goals. So overall, I'd say a feeling of being overwhelmed by circumstances in your life and a feeling of responsibility that is handicapping you. Also, probably a touch of the feeling that you're losing touch with a person or persons because of the never-ending flow and demands of daily life.
    I charge by the hour.

  2. You're in for a surprise visit?
    I got that bug too. =(

  3. Optional- Yeah, I guess on some level I'm overwhelmed and I do find electric pink to be a scary color.
    Liz- Get well soon!