Friday, January 27, 2012

January 26, 2012, Location: 37,000 feet

Yes, I'm blogging from an airplane on my way to my first SCBWI conference. If any of you will be at the conference, contact me, because I love meeting fellow writers. If you aren't attending conference, you can follow the fun at:

Please excuse me if you use the word "excited" more that once in this post... I'm so excited to attend a conference about writing. It's almost a relief to know that I will be spending the next three days in a building with people who love spending as much time in imagination land as I do. Friday is the round table writer's intensive. I can't wait to meet other writers that are probably as nervous/excited about sharing the first 250 words of their novel and learning through group critique how to make it better with the help of an agent or an editor.

There are a list of fantastic talks that will be given this weekend, but I am uber anticipating Cassandra Care's talk on love triangles. She is one of my absolute favorite authors. And you can bet I'll be stalking her for an autograph at the signing session on Sunday.

After the conference is over, I get to meet one of my good friends and critique partners. Even though this will be the first time we meet, and our relationship has consisted of emails and phone calls over the years, there is a special friendship that forms when two people weather the journey of writing a novel together. Have a great weekend!

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