Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I love British accents.
I don't know why. I just do. They have a hypnotizing effect on me; music to my ears. Maybe I was British in another life. Maybe it's because the British occupied India for so long. Or maybe because British accents are bloody fantastic and anyone who doesn't think so is mental?

I guess it isn't ironic that five of the characters in my novel are British (technically one is Welsh). Three are adults and two are teens, and because I want my characters to be as authentic as possible I tune into and try to study all things British. Television. Movies. Audio books. Youtube videos by Charlie McDonnell.

The problem is that it's kind of seeping into my language. The other day I told my staff at work that something was "spot on." Which is weird coming from an Indian girl, born in Alabama, whose speech developed in Ohio and Missouri, but then picked up a few southernisms (yes, I made up that word...I think...) later in life, talking to someone from a tiny town in Alabama. It's just a bit odd, isn't it.


  1. I don't think it's odd at all! My speech picks up the nuance and cadence of where ever I am. I'm not a born or bred Southerner, but I live in ATL now and I absolutely say ya'll! Do you speak a language other than English? I bet you do! I think some people are just language chameleons who pick up everything form the grammar of another language to the sound of it.

    In writing about British people, you're more or less in Britain right now, even if it's only virtually . . .

  2. Needless to say, I thoroughly approve of all this. Except perhaps the colonising India part. Sorry about that!:-/

  3. It's not odd. I spent six weeks on a study abroad in London and even with such a short amount of time I find myself saying phrases that my friends here in America don't really get ;p It doesn't help that much of my reading/writing skills comes from studying Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (the UK versions, mind you!)

  4. I love accents, too! British, French, Spanish, Indian, Russian... they make everything sound more beautiful and interesting.

  5. Anonymeet- I love learning other languages! I understand Hindi completely, and can speak it with an American accent. I understand Spanish fairly well and can speak it enough to get my point across. I subscribed to this podcast called Coffee Break French and learned a ton, but then got a bit frustrated because I didn't have anyone to practice my French with.

    Thomas- it's ok. You didn't personally colonize India. And besides if Britain hadn't colonized India then I probably wouldn't be so addicted to tea!

    TIffany- Spending six weeks in London sounds fabulous! I'm so jealous.

    Jennifer- Yes, I agree accents give language character and definitely sound beautiful.

    Thanks for dropping by guys!