Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plants and Zombies Kept Me From Writing

So I'm a bit behind on the whole video gaming thing. I stopped playing basically when the controllers got too complicated. Four different buttons, two triggers, two different type of joysticks, and the responsibility of controlling my view point. Too much. I grew up in the age of Nintendo 64 and Super Mario Bros. 2-D fun.
I know I'm totally dating myself here.

Usually, I get a majority of my writing done on the weekends. But brother's iPad and animated plants and zombies had a different plan in store for me.

Look at all the pretty colors and the array of talented plants. I wish I had a plant that shot peas at people who stepped uninvited on my lawn. Don't you be steppin' on my lawn after Scott's Lawn Care Service fertilizes. I'd also like a giant purple plant that ate zombies. I mean, everyone needs one of those, especially with the talk of the impending zombie apocalypse. But, make sure you have at least a couple because they can only eat one zombie at a time. There's even a zombie on a Zamboni. He's making ice so the zombies can skate their way to eating my brains out.

So in the end, yeah, I may not have made a lot (ok, any) head way with my manuscript, but I did beat the entire game. And you know what's at the end?? A zombie music video!! The lead singer is a sunflower and I'm not going to lie, the lyrics, There's a zombie on your lawn, were going through my head for a couple of days.


  1. Jeez, I grew up with Intelivision and Atari. I feel old. LOL.

    Graphics now are awesome and I use that as inspiration for my writing so that helps.

  2. I'm an Angry Birds addict. There's something about blowing things up that I find so very satisfying. :)

  3. My kids grew up with Colicovision and Atari. Yet new games keep coming out. I am sixty and I still enjoy my kids singing and playing guitar and drums on Wii. There will always be plenty of time to write:)

  4. Oh Anita, I just got back after a blog break and its so refreshing to read your blog. I feel like a kid again after reading your post...exciting times. Lately, I've been obsessed with the Kinect. Its just very enjoyable and is great for physical exercise.