Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silly Texts

Poor Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend) has been battling the flu, couple that with his insomnia and some meds, and his text messages get really interesting.

SARCASTICALLY DELICIOUS (SD): We should write a gangsta romanz novel, yo.
ME: Ok, after you get some rest though.
SD: Probably a good idea. I'm more delirious than normal. That can't be good. Is this real life?
ME: No, it's that place where minds go when they're sleep deprived. It's called Delirium.
SD: Arghhhh! It's a magical place of romance and adventure. And the cursed double sneeze. I think I've managed to coat my entire room with particles of mucus and viri. My walls now sparkle in the sunlight. Could they be vampires?
ME: Little miniature vampires.
SD: I wonder if they notice plain ole me...
ME: Why do you want a bunch of microscopic vampires to notice you?
SD: To complete me. Maybe I should take my shirt off in case I transform into a savage beast. You too, we can't be too careful.
ME: I think I'm going to leave my shirt on.
SD: So, if you teleport with a cold, does the cold go with you? Or are you instantly cured?
ME: The cold goes with you.
SD: What about a fart? The gas isn't technically touching you?
ME: If the fart is in your intestines then it goes with you.
SD: So you could fart, teleport, and do a stealth crop dusting?
ME: Totally.


  1. Bahaha! Poor SD, but still that is hilarious. It's so funny being deliriously silly.

  2. Hahahahaha! That's hilarious. Your poor SD--hope he feels better. But try to get in some more texting before she does ;)