Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Rainbows & Beaches, Rainbows & Beaches

Today my sixty-year old mom made her first snowman. Not only did she make her first snowman, but she even texted me a picture. I think it's so cute when parents text.
I particularly like the pink scarf around Miss Snowman's cone shaped head.
Then my mom must have decided that Miss Snowman's cone shaped head was cold, so she accessorized:

I love my Mom. I wish I was there playing in the snow with her.
You know what else I love.
My cats.
Yes, that is Sasha in the washing machine. Apparently, she wasn't feeling very clean that day.
This is Jasmine under-cover. She is recently retired from the CIA because of a little vision problem us optometrists call esotropia.
But, you know what I don't love.
Cleaning the litter box. It is awful scooping up cat urine and poo. Especially, since one of the cats (I'm thinking it's Jasmine. She's never been the same since the CIA let her go) doesn't cover up her poo very well. Not only do I abhor this job, but it makes me severely gag. I'm not going to lie. There have been a few times where I actually vomited in my mouth a bit. (Mental note: Don't clean litter box directly after eating breakfast) I know it's disgusting. So a while back I figured out a solution. It may sound stupid. But, it works for me.

As I'm scooping up said revolting pee and poo, I chant in my mind, Rainbows and Beaches, Rainbows and Beaches. I continue this mental chat as I run the plastic bag of excrement outside of the house, raise the lid for the trashcan (as I hold my breath, because trashcan contains previous days of fermenting poo and pee), throw it into the trash, then runaway (lest the fermenting zombie poo raise from the dead and start chasing me around the house). It's not until I'm safely back in the house that I start breathing again.

It just dawned on me today how ridiculous my daily routine of rainbows and beaches and running away from the trashcan really is. So I thought I'd share this for the primary purpose of entertaining you,  my wonderful readers and followers.


  1. Man, I wish I'd never made a snowman before. It is currently 7 degrees here, and I want to DIE a cold, slow death.

    But great pics!

  2. I don't know how cold it is here in Birmingham. I haven't ventured outside in three days, I think. But, all I know is I can't get warm enough. Stay warm. And don't die a slow cold death. Because then I'll never get to meet you when Possession comes out =)