Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Many Gadgets....

I'm heading out to San Francisco today for a conference (work not writing related). But, I do hope to get a lot of writing done on the plane. As I was packing late last night, I realized that other than underwear and clothes, I had a good bit of packing to do for my electronic gadgets.

First, I needed to pack my Nook. Then I realized I needed the charger, lest I have what happened to me last Saturday when I arrived at the gym to run the elliptical machine (aka read on the Nook time) and found that my Nook was at a critically low battery level. I was freaking out because I didn't know how I would bear running without something to read. In case, you haven't heard, I hate running. It's soooo boring. Fortunately, The Goblet of Fire was playing on the television so the thirty minute run breezed by.

Next, I realized I needed to pack a real book. You know, the kind made of paper, because you're not allowed to use electronic devices in a plane during take off, landing, or until you've reached cruising altitude.

Following the book, I decided to pack my iPod. I've got the Deathly Hallows in audio format on my iPod and it would be nice to at least listen to half the book in preparation for the release of the movie in just a few short days. Squee!!!!

My cell phone is a permanent fixture of my body, so that was a no-brainer,  but the charger is not. So I threw the charger into the ever growing back pack of gadgets.

Lastly, the laptop was a must pack item. Not only do I need it to work on my manuscript, but the power point presentations for the conference I'm attending are on it.  But, then I realized that I need to pack a journal, you know the kind that doesn't need electricity and is made of paper, because I can't use my laptop during take offs, landings, or until the plane reaches cruising altitude. And even though my Macbook Pro astounds me on a daily basis with its infinite battery life, I knew that the charger was a necessity, so I tossed it into the backpack as well.

Just for safe measure, I tossed in a USB flash drive (never know when you might need it) and a USB cable for my iPod. Whew. I feel like I'm carrying Best Buy in my back pack.


  1. Isn't it alarming--the amount of things we need to function! Yeesh. I'm going to school in January for my first residency, which is all of ten days, and I know I'll be bringing mountains of technology. Both ways.

    And Delta charges for luggage, da**it.

    Oh, well. Can't live without the laptop!

  2. You don't really notice the number of gadgets you use daily -- but it's definitely noticeable when you have to pack for traveling!

    The one thing I can't live without is my laptop, that's for certain.