Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Week of Ideas and Inspirations for Writing from the Pocket Muse CONTINUED....

My favorite excerpt #2 from Monica Wood's The Pocket Muse:

A Tip on Structure

Most good stories, even unconventional ones, contain these classic story elements:

Setup: Three bears go for a walk while their porridge cools.

Complication: Blonde perpetrator breaks in.

Rising Action: Perp chows down, breaks chair, gets some shut-eye.

Meanwhile: Bears get home and survey the wreckage.

Climax: Discovered in Baby Bear's bed, perp screams and flees.

Denouement: Bears live happily ever after.

Does your story have a missing piece?


  1. 'Meanwhile' could almosy be renamed 'other':)

  2. Ha ha, sorry Anita, I was disturbed by a small child when I wrote that, but pressed send anyway.

    'Meanwhile' does seem a bit vague though. If my story has a missing piece, let it be 'meanwhile.

  3. I think I've got all these elements. I like seeing a breakdown to remind me of basic story.

  4. Thomas- I agree about the "meanwhile" part.