Wednesday, September 22, 2010

California Education

Last Thursday I had the honor of flying to California to be a bridesmaid in my good friends Diem & Andy's wedding. It was a beautiful event and I couldn't be happier for the couple. My friend Diem is drop dead gorgeous, look right for proof. My friend Rashi, a fellow bridesmaid, used the phrase "A star among stars." I wouldn't call myself a star, but I was honored to be in the company of such lovely ladies (see below).

While I was away in California, I learned a lot of nifty pieces of information:
  • Soy beans are grown in circular crop formations
  • To drive in the carpool lane in California you only need two passengers in the vehicle. It amazed me how many vehicles on the 405 had only 1 person in them.
  • When you hear that voice in your head that says: This is a bad idea. You shouldn't swing like a monkey from a series of 6 feet high rings because you might fall and hurt your knee. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT VOICE. No major damage was done, but still I should have listened.
  • Of the many cities that Southwest flies to, 19 of those cities are state capitals.
I probably won't post again for the week because I have a ton of weddings to edit and I have to prepare the first five hundred words of my manuscript for Agent Mary's webinar tomorrow over at Writer's Digest. Agent Kristen Nelson is also having a webinar on How to Write and Sell Fantasy and Science Fiction on September 30th. Check it out. See everyone next week.

Peace Out.


  1. You only need two people to carpool in Maryland, too!

    Looks like a fun wedding :)

  2. Was just thinking the same thing, your friend looks absolutely stunning in her that classic style dress and the bridesmaids dressed are exceedingly tasteful too. Think that's gonna be a wedding album that they look back on in ten-twenty years and don't have to laugh at how gaudy or ridiculous the styles looked. Just looks like it was a super-tasteful classy wedding. Hope the your knee bounces back without any complications from the fall, Anita!

  3. William- I have to agree that the bride has excellent taste. She picked out everything. It was all very elegant. Thanks for dropping by and the well wishes for my bum knee.

    Mariah- I'll have to make a mental note next time I'm in MD