Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Non-Writer Folk

I sometimes wonder what people do who don't have the desire to write. Do they watch a lot of television? Exercise more? Hit the clubs? Spend more time with family and friends?

My days revolve around my family, friends, occupation, and ice skating (aka rehabbing my ACL). But whenever I get a free moment, my mind immediately flits to the characters in my book. I'm imagining the next scene, contemplating a character's motive, thinking about red herrings, or brainstorming ways to improve my plot.

What do non-writer-people think of during their free time? What fills their minds when they're not thinking about their families, jobs, religion, hobbies, etc...? Do they think of anything else? Do us writers have a special compartment in our brain for the imaginary that other people don't?

Writers are a breed unto themselves and often only writers can relate to how another writer's mind works.


  1. I was wondering that myself the other day. I was thinking "What esle would I be doing with my time?" LOL

  2. Hard to even imagine isn't it :) But who needs spare time?

  3. So true, Anita! Sometimes I forget that not everyone writes! :-)

  4. This is so funny. (In a good way.)

    We writers are so much in our heads it's interesting to think about what the "normals" out there do to fill their time.

    It's almost like we are strangers in a strange land, wandering through imaginary landscapes, looking for clues to a world we know nothing about.

    Uh, I don't know if that made any sesne.

    In other words, your post sounded like an alien trying to understand the human race! If you know what I mean!

  5. Before I started writing it was all about family and work, which included returning to college for my Masters Degree.

    Before that, well, let's just say I wasted a lot of time that would have been better spent WRITING!! (If only...)