Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To E-read or not to E-read....That is the Question....

I was the person who would skip any blog post about e-readers and e-books. E-readers. Bah. How stupid. What's wrong with books? You know, the kind made with paper?

But then....the e-readers came at me with full force, mocking me with their 3G wireless, taunting me with their 400,000 books on demand (if you're the Kindle) or 1 million (if you're the Nook). The idea of keeping something slim in my purse became tantalizing....and after years of denial.....I kind of want one.

 So while I was recuperating from ACL surgery, I came up with the grand idea to sell some of my dusty books on Amazon and use that money to buy an e-reader. I was up to $121 before Sarcastically Delicious (aka boyfriend) poo pooed the idea of an e-reader. He's so practical. He said why don't you use the $121 to buy new books and then after you read those, sell those back on Amazon, and then buy more. He pointed out that when you purchase an e-book you can't sell it back.

Are any of you Kindle owners? Nook owners? I pad owners? Am I falling for the dark side? Or the path to true reading enlightenment?


  1. eReaders aren't that great, trust me. I borrowed a friend's Sony Reader...ugh. Digusting device. The Kindle is actually quite cool, but I would miss the feel of a real book.

  2. I think an ereader would be fabulous if I communted a lot, or traveled a lot. Seeing as I don't do either of those, it'll be a while before I buy one :)

  3. I'd wait for iPad gen 2 or 3 personally.

  4. I still haven't jumped on the ereader bandwagon, but I would like one. I think I'll probably wait a few more years for the technology to get a little cheaper and better.

  5. Books all the way for me.

    I will only get an e-reader if that becomes the last option, the only way I can read stories.