Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today is the season premier of LOST!! SQUEEE!!! I can barely contain my excitement. LOST is amazing on so many different levels. What I wouldn't give to be part of the writing team for that show. Or if I couldn't be on the writing team, if I could just sit in a corner and listen, that would be...would be....gosh...I'm speechless. Each character is developed. There is suspense and plot twist upon twist, and yes sometimes you do end up feeling lost- hence the name.

Last night I watched the final episode from last season so I could freshen up a bit on my story line. Some of you may have never watched the show, and if you haven't, go to the library and rent season 1 on DVD. Do it. Now. I mean, why are you still reading this post.

But, for those of you who are seasoned LOST followers, let's play a little on the LOST island.

Here are Jack and Kate. They met on the island when the plane first crashed. The surgeon and the convict. The hero and the girl who always wants what's best, but tends to just mess things up even more. I really hope that by the end of this season Jack and Kate end up together, forever. Sigh. I'm a hopeless romantic what can I say?

But, then there's the hydrogen bomb. Well, really it was the plutonium core of a hydrogen bomb that Jack dropped down a well into an electromagnetic pocket of energy. And I can't believe that he dropped it with the intention of hopefully reversing everything that happened. Oceanic 815 would have never crashed. Jack and Kate would have never met- amongst other relationships never forming.

This is Sawyer. When he was a child his Dad was conned by a man (who we later find out is John Locke's father). His Dad was so outraged that he shot Sawyer's Mom and then himself. When the plane first crashed, Sawyer was always looking out for himself. But then as the story progressed he changed into a leader. For the first few seasons he's in love with Kate, who he fondly calls freckles. But then when Sawyer, the island, and the people on it are sent back in time 30 years, he creates a life for himself with Juliet. It was so sad last season, when Juliet fell down the well. When Juliet gave up at the sight of Sawyer glancing at Kate for a fraction of a moment (I mean she could have had spinach in her teeth or something), and in that one glance she decided that Sawyer still loved Kate. But why oh why did Juliet not understand that Sawyer loved her too. And then before we knew it, Juliet was at the bottom of the well, beating the plutonium core with a rock and everything went white.

This is John Locke. And wow is his story something. When Oceanic 815 crashes on the island, he is a paralyzed passenger who is wheel chair bound. Then the island heals him, he can walk, and he turns into this boar hunting, eventual leader of the others on the island. And then Ben killed Locke last season. And Locke's body is in a coffin on the Algira flight which crashes on the island. But when the plane crashes, Locke is alive and he leads the people on the island, including Ben, to see Jacob. But then there's this other group of people, who I think are loyal to Jacob, carrying Locke's dead body around in a big metal box.

So let's talk about this amonst other mind boggling LOST topics. Just pick your favorite question or questions to ramble about in the comments.

1. If Locke is dead in the box, who is the guy walking and talking around, looking like Locke, and ordering Ben to kill Jacob? I think Sarcastically Delicious figured this one out last night, and it was a big moment of revelation for me. What do you think?
2. Now that the bomb has gone off at the bottom of the well, what do you think is the fate of the island? Jack? Kate? Sawyer? Hurley?
3. Will Sayid survive his gun shot wound?
4. Will Sun and Jin ever see each other again, considering one is thirty years in the past, and the other in the future?
5. Why has Richard Alpert never aged? Jacob?
6. Will Charlie, Mr. Eko, and Anna Lucia come back to life if the explosion really does reverse time and Oceanic 815 never crashes?
7. What do you think of LOST's take on time travel? I was a bit befuddled when Daniel Farraday saw his mom on the island, and his baby self was in her womb. If you believe in a person having a soul or a spirit, then when your later self sees your past self, is your soul split in two? They do this in Prisoner of Azkaban as well, when Hermione and Harry see their past selves. I know. It's heavy.

Can't wait to hear what you guys think!


  1. My wife and I have been devoted Losties since the show began. She loves checking out the websites trying to figure out the various clues and symbolism, but I kind of like just going along for the ride. Such a fun show that knows how to crank up the mystery, drama, and action.

  2. Re: your questions:

    1.) according to the creators, Locke is dead and the new Locke is the bad brother.
    2.) NFC :)
    3.) Yep -- gotta keep him around.
    4.) Of course.
    5.) Because he's Jacob's right hand man?
    6.) Probably -- unless they get in trouble for drunk driving :)
    7.) As far as time travel goes, I've never been a huge fan (particularly of PoA), but the show's so far over the shark I've just given up logic and am trying to enjoy all the zaniness.

  3. I agree with you Bane on the time travel thing, there just comes a point where you have to accept the way it is.

  4. I missed most of the last season of Lost. Now I feel like I'm almost caught up! Thanks :)

  5. I am a huge Lost fan. I love the show so much that my son bought me season five for Christmas. I would love, love, love to be a writer for this show,( or Supernatural, but that's another topic).

    I think Jacob and the dark haired guy are allegorical to the relationship between God and Lucifer. If the relationship between Jacob and the other guy is based on Greek mythology (the statue hints to this), then perhaps one is Zeus and the other a Titan. Who knows, but it is sure fun to guess.