Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Not Always About the Ending But How You Get There

I've got to admit that I've always thought the BACHELOR was a stupid show. I have trouble believing that a flock of girls vying for the same man can live in close quarters without clawing each other's eyes out. Or how they can immediately fall head over heels for some guy they don't even know. When it comes down to it, there's just too much drama and estrogen for my taste.

But somehow my best friend got me hooked on this season's BACHELOR. The earlier episodes seemed fake and I must have rolled my eyes so much my eye muscles literally hurt, but as the girl pool started to narrow and it became apparent to me that Sean was actually a stand up guy, I started to care.

Once I started to care I hit "record series" on the DVR.

I've always been a week or so behind with my episode watching so *SPOILER ALERT* eventually I found out that Sean ended up with Catherine. After that I figured there was no point in watching the last three episodes. I already know the ending. So what's the point? Right?

It turns out it matters to me how Catherine ends up with Sean. So even though I know the ending, I want to see the whole thing go down. This of course made me think about writing and movies and plot. And how it's not about the ultimate outcome, that book deal, that epic ending to the paranormal-fantasy-romance-dystopian saga, but it's really all about the journey, how you or your characters get there.

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  1. A great point. It's happened to me when I start reading a series late in the game. Some of those books should have numbers on them, but...if I care enough for the characters I'll hunt down book 1. =)