Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Indie Found Me

On the Fourth of July my family and I decided to take a walk by the Tennessee River. My Dad chose to walk along a path that I felt was to dense with mosquitoes and my Mom and I chose to walk by the marina. I don't know how much walking we actually got done as we were sidetracked by some baby ducks and then ran into one of Mom's co-workers who proceeded to tell us a gripping tale of a baby turtle she rescued, lost, and then found again.

After that my Mom and I headed for some swings beside the campgrounds. It was still early morning and the cool air rushing past our faces was exhilarating as we swooshed back and forth. As we were swinging I mentioned to my Mom that when I was a kid I would always sing Mary Poppin's songs whenever I was on a swing set. So to keep to tradition I belted out my own off key rendition of Let's Go Fly A Kite.

Just as I finish the last chorus a little grey kitten comes running out of nowhere meowing her tiny heart out. The scrawny thing was thirsty and she lapped up water from my Mom's thermos for a whole minute. I checked with the campers to see if she belonged to anyone. After a unanimous no, I picked her up and headed for the car. When my Dad returns from his walk, his eyes laser beam on the cat (he is NOT a cat lover) and he says, "What is that?"

I tell him it's a baby and we have to feed it. So of we go to Wal-Mart in search of kitten food.
The initial plan was to feed her and find her home. But she is honestly the sweetest kitty I have ever met (and she literally found me), so after much deliberation, and much to the dismay of my two other cats, I have decided to adopt the rambunctious fur ball.

Say hello to Indie! (She's named after Independence Day of course).