Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Today is the first Father's Day in my entire life that I don't get to be with my Daddy (yes, I still call him Daddy). It's ok though, we're going to celebrate next weekend. We all love our Dads but I wanted to take today to salute the reasons why I think my Daddy is extraordinary.
  • Daddy took me ice skating. The first time was in Cincinnati when I was maybe ten years old. It was only for maybe an hour but my father could tell how much I loved it. Then when we had to move to Alabama a year later (and at this point I was not handling the frequent moves well) he literally bribed me to get excited about the move because he told me a new ice arena had just been built in Huntsville and that he would sign me up for lessons. Moving was still hard but having something like ice skating lessons to look forward to made something bleak not seem so gray. And as you know, that first lesson was the spring board for the next twenty one years of my life.
  • Daddy taught me math military style. Math is not my forte, although I think I've found an appreciation for it later in life as I've found enjoyment in tutoring a friend in her college math. Daddy gave me a solid mathematics foundation. He made me memorize my multiplication tables before we even learned what multiplying was in elementary school. He'd quiz me in the car. He'd give me problems to do everyday during my summer breaks. He had a strict protocol for setting up word problems and equations. And you had to do it that specific way. At the time I thought it was a bit much, but then later I found myself insisting on the same thing with the people I tutor. I mean, don't they say we inevitably turn into our parents? Daddy also had a no excuse policy when it came to doing well on math tests in school. He'd say, "How can you get an A in English, a subject in which there can be many possible answers or interpretations to a question, and a B in math? In math there is always only one answer."
  • Daddy is on call 24-7. If I need something, anything, even if I am hundreds of miles away, he's always there for me. Like when the movers broke a pipe in my apartment and it flooded the entire building--he was there. Or when I had to have sinus surgery, he stayed with me and my two cats (he HATES cats) and took care of me. If I need money. If I need food. If I needed new skates. If I just need someone to listen. He is ALWAYS there.
  • Daddy understands me and all my oddities. He doesn't think it's strange that he has a daughter that likes to take on more business ventures, more jobs, more hobbies, that any sane human should. He wants me to be successful at everything that matters to ME. It may not be something that he always agrees on, or he may not understand why I like to do the things that I do, but he is always supportive, always understanding. And I love him for that the most.
So Happy Father's Day not only to my super-hero Daddy, but to all the fathers out there!

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