Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gossip Time...SLIDE

I devoured SLIDE by Jill Hathaway. What a page turner.
The main character Sylvia, better known to close friends and family as Vee, has an affliction that most people think is narcolepsy with some OCD.

If Vee touches an object that someone has a strong emotional connection or reaction to, Vee will pass out and literally slide into that person's body. She can't read their mind or anything like that, sometimes she doesn't even know whose body she's slid into, but she sees the world through their eyes.

Usually this involves sliding into annoying situations like someone cheating on a math test or a teacher taking a swig of a burning clear liquid from a flask in between classes, or slipping into her Dad's head when he's performing life saving surgeries on children, but when Vee accidentally slides into the body of someone holding a bloody knife over her sister's best friend's body things start getting complicated.

Whenever I read or watch a good murder mystery on tv I find myself always trying to guess who the perp is. As I read SLIDE, just when I thought all the clues pointed to a certain character, the author would prove me wrong and have me guessing all over again.

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