Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just A Little Respect...

I don't like to talk about current events or politics on this blog, but something has been irking me since I watched the news last night. Many comments are being made that Irene was blown out of proportion. Now, I don't live in the northeast, but some of the images of the flooding do look devastating. What irks me though are the people that are saying Irene wasn't a big deal, that everyone over reacted--are they taking into account that thirty eight people died? Tell those thirty eight families that lost a loved one that Irene wasn't a big deal. The name Irene will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Back in April we had a ton of tornadoes in Alabama and the rest of the southeast. I personally wasn't really affected. The sky turned green, it got kind of windy, and the rain pounded down on my roof. So for me, yeah, it wasn't a big deal. But, I didn't go around saying that out of respect for the many people that lost homes and loved ones.

Just saying...


  1. You're absolutely right. Any event that takes a life is devastating in my book.

  2. For individuals, it is a big deal, but the problem I have is that when the big ones do strike, more will suffer b/c these little ones have been blown out of proportion and many will say "well, last time, nothing much happened, so I'm going to stick it out."

  3. I don't think it was blown out of proportion. It had the potential to be very disasterous--and if you ask anyone in New Jersey or Vermont, I think they'd agree. That could have been me.

    I'm glad they hyped it. If they hadn't, many more people could have died simply from being ill-prepared.

  4. Personally, I think it's better to over-react and have fewer problems than to under-react and then whine that nobody warned you.

    I was evacuated and yes, it stunk to leave the beach early, but I don't regret receiving the warning or the leaving. Just so happens a tornado hit about a block from where we were staying. None of this is 100% predictable. But thankfully they "over-reacted" or things might not have ended well for me and my family!

  5. How bizarre that any sane person would have such a reaction. What, are they jealous that they didn't have a disaster in their area and get media coverage? Just weird.

  6. there is a ton of devastation! so much flooding -- people without power indefinitely! and of course, like you said, the people who died. i'm glad that you agree that saying that is totally wrong. i had a friend from the south say, "stop complaining. that was nothing." they have no idea. NJ is not prepared for that kind of stuff, so of course we took prevention! peoples houses and cars are completely underwater in some parts of the north east.